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Day 3: Cheese, Cards, and the Quest for 28 by Asher Zaitz

Usually, a star reporter’s job is to blog, tweet, interview, and take pictures and videos. But yesterday, I decided to follow my own story (or stories): the legend of the cheese hat and the quest for 28 pins (one from each team). Coming into yesterday, I still needed pins from Birmingham, Chicago, Columbus, Edmonton, Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, and Tuscon. On Tuesday, I let the cheese hat take the day off since it was damaged during the dance party on Monday. When I got to the JCC Cares event, the hat instantly became a hit, as once again people were asking if they could have it or trade something for it. Of course I denied them all, because I love my hat. After the event, I went back to the Star Reporter room  to type “Day 2: I’m Everywhere!” for a very short time. When that was done, I still needed four pins left to hit 28: Birmingham, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami. For a majority of the day, I was either watching people play Madden or asking people if they had one of the four pins I needed, all of which was happening in Hang Time. Before the athletes and coaches left for an arcade place, one man was kind enough to give me a Miami pin, leaving me with three to go. At the arcade, it proved to have its ups and downs. Laser tag, air hockey and mini golf were fun, but many games were restricted for reasons I’ll never know. However, something that happened AFTER the arcade was what made my night. Earlier in the night, some guy randomly gave me seven game cards for no reason, so this sparked an idea in my head: why don’t I just take people’s cards, just for laughs, just to see if they bought in to it. Sure enough, they did. The card pile went from seven to 10 to 50 to 75 to 112 as the final count. 112 cards sure sound like a lot, but I knew what I was going to do with them. After getting home, I made a sign out of the cards that said  ”B-ham + San Fran = 28”. That meant i needed Birmingham and San Francisco to give me their pins so I would have all 28 pins. Now, you’re probably thinking, “What about Chicago?”. Well, before I made the sign, one of my room mates decided to give me the Chicago pin, so that led the chase down to two. Thursday is the last day of the Maccabi games, but I know I’ll get my pins before Thursday ends.image

The sign

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